Permanent Staffing Models

At Novena Consulting Services, we offer various models within our permanent staffing services to cater to your specific hiring needs and organizational requirements. We understand that every organization is unique, and the approach to permanent staffing should be flexible and adaptable. Our different staffing models ensure that we provide you with the most suitable solution to find the perfect permanent employees. Explore our models below:

1. Direct Placement: Our direct placement model focuses on sourcing and selecting candidates who are ready to be directly hired by your organization. We take care of the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and screening to interviews and evaluations. Once we identify the ideal candidate for your permanent position, we facilitate a smooth transition by assisting with offer negotiations and onboarding. This model is ideal when you have specific permanent positions to fill and prefer to handle the long-term employment directly.

2. Contract-to-Hire: The contract-to-hire model offers a flexible approach to permanent staffing. With this model, candidates are initially brought on board as contract employees, giving you the opportunity to assess their skills, fit, and performance within your organization before making a permanent hiring decision. During the contract period, we handle all aspects of the candidate’s employment, including payroll and benefits. If the candidate proves to be an excellent fit, you can seamlessly convert them into a permanent employee, saving you time and resources associated with traditional hiring processes.